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Kerala has a long history of welcoming the avid travelers from across the globe. With its wildlife sanctuaries, serene stretches of backwaters, and peaceful beaches, this place has it all that is needed to make your normal trip to an unforgettable travel experience.

What History Says

It all began in 4000 B.C., when Negrito and Proto Australoid occupied the land of Kerala. The state developed strong trade relation with Sindhy Valley Civilization by about 3000 B.C. The time from 270 B.C. to 240 B.C. witnessed the Buddhism's spread. Dating back to B.C. 257, the emperor Asoka was the person who is known for providing the oldest record about the state through his edicts, inscribed on rocks.

Marvelous Hillstations

Engrossed with a plenty of hill stations, Kerala has a lot to serve to anyone who visits the state in search for exploring the nature’s beauty. There is no need to wait for long to collect some beautiful memories. Just with a first trip in Kerala, you will be sure to get the experience you never had in your life. The woody mountain trails, the beautiful valleys, and the rich variety of flora and fauna- all are ready to make you fly high.

Filled with a wide array of picturesque places, Munnar is a holiday destination that makes you feel like you are in the lap of nature. There is more to explore when you enter this hill station with the craving for breathtaking natural beauty. It will be really a great experience when you meet there with misty tea gardens.

Magnificent views, beautifully-flowing lakes, waterfalls, and lush green surroundings – all are just to transform your dream into reality. This place is, of course, a big treat for adventure lover travelers. The Amaravati reserve forest, Kurinjimala Sanctuary, and the Pampadum Shola National Park are the major attractions for these avid visitors.


Other Must Visit Places

Nelliyampathy is popular for having an excellent weather condition and engrossed with exquisite scenery. Coupled with a variety of monkeys, deers, and porcupines, this place will take you to a new world of flora and fauna.

Kerala Beaches come as a preferred choice among many avid travelers. Spreading along the 900 km Arabian Sea coastline, they witness a huge population during the summer season. The backwaters in the state are known for having a huge network of interconnected brackish lagoons and lakes. You as a visitor will definitely love the amazing sightseeing experience.

Historic cities, exclusive wildlife sanctuaries and impressively-designed temples are enough to make your vacation memorable for the lifetime. Kerala also includes a number of Ayurveda spas and resorts that help stressed out the inhabitants to rejuvenate and get back to work.


For Shopping Purposes

This most wonderful vacation spot boasts a plethora of shopping destinations in the country. Avid travelers can find some affordably-priced options during Onam or Christmas seasons. The rock bottom discounts on varied products will surely make you mad with shopping.

Visitors should not miss the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival, which primarily aims at transforming the state into a one-stop shopping hub. The key highlights of the event encompass mega raffles, huge discounts and special events.

Apart from showing the world class handicraft works, Kerala is much proud to have an extensive range of vibrant textiles and aromatic spices available to shop for. Known as a shopping heaven in the South India, it is flooded up with many exhibition centers, where you can spot some fantastic artifacts to add a unique elegance to the beauty of your home.



Kerala cuisine is appreciated in many parts of India. Various beef and pork dishes are taken widely in the state.

Food items in the state incorporate an assortment of spices, and most of them are extremely fiery. During the festival days, especially Onam, inhabitants love to eat vegetarian cuisines.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, as well as typical Kerala dishes in various hotels and restaurants.



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